1. Communication throughout the CTF will be via Discord. For all ground truths regarding challenges, questions, and memes join the discord and ask an organizer (with the @org role).
  2. Only local on-site teams are eligible for any prizes.
  3. If you need to cheat, you shouldn"t be here, immediate disqualification.
  4. Would you kick a puppy? Steal candy from a baby? Harming infra is just as bad, immediate disqualification.
  5. Bullying of all kinds is not permitted. Sexual harrasment of any kind is not permitted. Any violations will result in a team's immediate disqualification.
  6. Do not share flags with other teams or individuals outside of your own team.
  7. If you have any issues contact an organizer.
  8. Brute forcing remote challenges is lame, if we catch you, we will take great joy in banning you.